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Let us help navigate the various travel options available to you and perfectly customize your next great adventure to exceed all expectations. 


The Trinity Travel Adventurer Package Includes:

  • All of the Explorer Package Inclusions
  • Discovery Consultation and Research to find the best options based on your preferences
  • Accommodation Recommendations
  • Access to exclusive upgrades, extras and amenities
  • Incidental Reservations (transfers, rail, cars)
  • Mobile Pocket Travel App- carry your full itinerary and destination guides in your pocket
  • Pre/Post arrangements
  • Access to Travel42 Destination Guides
  • Cruise reservation assistance- dining, shore excursions, etc.
  • Cruise Track: We will monitor and track your cruise reservation after booking, advising you of price reductions and/or added amenities
  • Local Destination Specialists
  • Cruise & Tour Pre-Registration assistance
  • Choice of Electronic or Printed Documents

Adventurer Package

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